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The Last Son of Mars by Lightsthroughshadow The Last Son of Mars by Lightsthroughshadow
The Last Son of Mars

A picture I did as a tribute to one of most favorite Justice League and DC characters of all time who unfortunately is really really underrated character in the Dc Universe and Superhero world as a whole......Martian Manhunter; the Last Son of Mars.

His real name is Jon Jonzz a last surviving member of the Martian race who existed on Mars a millions upon millions of years ago. The Martians were two races the white and green Martians who lived on Mars a long time ago but unfortunately war between the two Martian factions lead to the extinct of many Martians on both sides including Jon's family consisting of his wife and children.

A more tragic history then Superman whom was too young to see the destruction of Krypton as he was an infant at the time and remembers very little to nothing of his home plant being destroyed. A luxury poor Jon Jonzz didn't have as he was forced to see his whole planet destroyed right before his eyes not by an explosion but by a horrible war with thousands upon thousands of dead bodies of his fellow green Martians lying dead around him as his world he loved fell around him in the flames of war. 

Jon went in a hibernative state after his civilization died and remained asleep for a very very long time until one day by a freak accident a scientist on Earth created a transported that by accident transported Jon from Mars to Earth. Shocked by the result of his experiment the scientist who transported Jon to Earth took one look at Jon and died of a heart attack from seeing Jon's Martian form.

Jon Jonzz confused and saddened by the death of his unexpected Earth host, remained stranded on earth with no way of returning to his home world of mars. From there Jon Jonzz decided to explore his new surroundings and soon found that Earth had a lot of crime. Jon having Martin powers beyond that of mortal human men decided to use his god given super powers to help the humans of Earth and to keep Earth from befalling the same fate that had hit his home planet of Mars millions of years before Earth's earliest civilizations.

Jon would go on to meet Superman, Batman and many many other Superheroes of the DC Universe and even became a member of the Justice League and now in the New 52 Universe became a member of Storm Watch (a newly acquired Superhero team from the formally Wildstorm Universe created by current DC Editor Jim Lee). 

I do this picture in hopes that I give the character the right overdue respect he is so deserves as people at DC comics give so little to him. If Martian Manhunter were a real person in real and sees this picture, I can only hope he would be honored by my picture I did in honor of him as he is one of my very favourite Justice League, DC characters and even comic/ superhero characters.

I hope my picture also will make people like Martian Manhunter/ Jon Jonzz more after seeing this picture I did in honour of him :)

I made this picture using an action figure I bought on Boxing Day for $17.99 with a 50% discount at my local comic store. I had been looking for a Martian Manhunter action figure for many years since first seeing him in Justice League the 2003 cartoon where he quickly became my all time favorite DC superhero next to Superman and Batman whom I grew up on like every other kid my own age.

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jmascia Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Professional Writer
Very, very nice.
Lightsthroughshadow Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Student Photographer
Thanks :) I just want Jon to be seen as what he is to me by the world, which is AWESOME!!!! 
Jose-Ramiro Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
Hey, very cool one.
Lightsthroughshadow Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Student Photographer
Thanks I'm just trying to make Jon Jonzz aka Martian Manuhunter proud if he was a real person lol :)
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