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Spock and McCoy visit Star Wars by Lightsthroughshadow Spock and McCoy visit Star Wars :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 5 0
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Having friends on the autistic spectrum :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 4 7
Joker toys with Batman and Robin by Lightsthroughshadow Joker toys with Batman and Robin :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 7 0
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Stop editing history :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 5 13
Countries friendly to Aspergers
Countries friendly to Aspergers
What countries are the most Aspie friendly, is a question I ask myself everyday. I as a young person growing up in Canada have been beat over the head over and over again by so many people from all walks of life who keep telling me I live in the most polite and friendliest country in the whole world...........I can't agree with this.
I as a Canadian see a totally different picture growing up here in Canada........I was constantly bullied, never understood by my community and expected to not be mildly autistic all my life for as long as I could remember.
I was told I was rude by my countrymen when in reality I just wasn't born with the part of my brain that dealt with social understand unlike the non autistics.
I was constantly told "Why can't you be normal" in a country that supported multiculturalism and all the various people and cultures that came with it.
I was expected to learn French and Cantonese when no one bothered to learn my odd Aspie traits w
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SJWs and Aspies can't get along :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 6 3
Vampires don't have high blood pressure
So a awhile back I had found out that I had high blood pressure and I have not been taking the news well. The biggest reason why I couldn't take this news well is that I am 27 and going to turn 28 in a few months.......
........I shouldn't be having High blood pressure at my age yet I do and I am part of the 5% of young people who have high blood pressure.
I try to exercise as much as I can, I have a job at a department store that requires me to move around for 4 to 5 hours which is exercise yet I have high blood pressure.
I try not to get angry which I occasional do but I get angry way less now than I did when I was 18 years old when I was at my angriest....
........yet I have high blood pressure according the stupid blood reader I have at home.
I've checked my blood a lot this year and I keep getting the readings of 95, 96, 97 and above which aren't good. I go to the stupid blood readers at Walmart and they tell me I have high blood pressure and that I should talk to a doctor.
I try
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America and I :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 2 0
Hunting down General Grievous by Lightsthroughshadow Hunting down General Grievous :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 6 3 Darth Vader arrives first by Lightsthroughshadow Darth Vader arrives first :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 3 1 Chirrut vs Stormtroopers by Lightsthroughshadow Chirrut vs Stormtroopers :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 3 1
The little boy wants a broom
The little boy just wants a broom
So I had heard this story awhile back of my sister and her boyfriend Max when they went to see Max's brother and his brother's family.
So my sister and Max were giving gifts to Max's brother's kids and when they got to I think the youngest of Max's nephews, the boy said "No thanks I don't want a toy car I want a broom."
Max was shocked that this very young boy didn't want a toy car like other boys but wanted a broom instead?
This wasn't the only occasion according to Max and my sister that Max's youngest nephew displayed behaviours they found odd for a little boy.
There was this other time that Max's nephew said he wanted a toy oven to cook with like the ones little girls play with which began to worry Max and my sister.
Max then told me while pointing at a picture of his youngest nephews that the boy was a.......wuss?
I then found out that my sister and Max were worried that these two incidents of Max's youngest nephew meant that the little boy could
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Why people are so easily triggered :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 5 9
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Spock and McCoy visit Star Wars

Here is a picture that is a sort of continuation of this picture I did awhile back 


Where in that one Dr. McCoy along with the rest of the Enterprise crew went through a time portal or something then ended up separated in the very long ago past in a galaxy far far away....

.......Dr. McCoy then ends up being taken prisoner by the Empire and meets the Sith Lord himself......Darth Vader.

So this new picture I did is of Spock and McCoy (who somehow got away from the Empire?) then the two ended up on some random planet seeing the different aliens, droids and other beings the Star Wars universe has to offer.

Spock is fascinated by the aliens of the Star Wars noting that many of them are Humanoid but don’t look completely Human like the aliens in the future where they are from that is the Star Trek universe.

Now Spock and McCoy must find away our of this strange galaxy and time period.

I hope to get the other Star Trek figures like Captain Kirk, Sulu, Uhura, Scotty and Chekhov as they are the same height as my Star Wars figures. 

These 3 inch Star Wars figures unfortunately are expensive like $12 plus .13% expensive. I only got McCoy and Spock from a local Dollar store where both cost like $3 plus .13% which was way cheaper than places like Walmart.

The downside is the Dollar Stores just get random shipments and they don’t always carry Star Trek figures. It took me a year of waiting when a I first got McCoy to then get Spock and I had to travel all the way to Toronto to the dollar store there to get Spock.

I hope I get Kirk soon for $3 along with the rest of the crew to do a story where Captain Kirk along with a Luke Skywalker work together to take on Darth Vader only to be on a situation where Captain Kirk remembers the Prime Directive...

.......if Captain Kirk helps the Rebels kill Darth Vader that would be the end of the Empire but this would also mean that the future could be altered in some way if Darth Vader dies at Kirk’s hands.......the Federation and Star Fleet might not exist or even any life in the galaxy that Kirk and his crew are from in the future? 


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Having friends on the autistic spectrum

I had wanted to write about this for some time but was always too caught up with other things to write about or had to do other things in my life yet the thoughts stayed. What I am going to be writing about today is about my experiences of having friends who like me are on the autistic spectrum and the struggles that come with being friends with them.

I have noticed that from all the online articles, books and documentaries on the autism spectrum I have noticed there seem to be very little spotlight about an individual on the autistic spectrum's interactions with another on the autistic spectrum like themselves or slightly different?

We as a society seem to speak more of the interactions between non autistics and autistics but rarely do we ever talk about the interactions between one autistic and another autistic?

These spotlights of the autistic spectrum always seem to make out that there is only one person in all the world with Aspergers or autism but in reality there are many many people like me and the friends I have or had who are on the spectrum.

First off the main reason I am even friends with mainly and only people on the autistic spectrum whose cognitive ability seems to vary from my level to below and a few above me by a few points is that my history of interactions with non autistic people hasn't exactly been the best if you call my best getting beat up or being called names a lot over the years in school as I tried to socialize with non autistics only to get beaten up or made fun of by these people as I didn't understand their way of thinking vs my own?

So for me to try to avoid getting beat or yelled at by another neural typical I decided years ago to seek out friends who weren't neural typical as I viewed neural typicals as primitive and violent in the way they treated me in school and as a child growing up.

I my logic behind this decision when I first began this often times desperate search for friends was that maybe since these other kids were on the autistic spectrum like I was we would have an instant kinship and reliability to one another and my long needed feeling of acceptance could be met?

I thought maybe I could find instant life long friends and even romances like with how mutants in the X-Men did with their own kind in the comics or the Jedi did with other force users in Star Wars?

........I was completely and utterly wrong time and time again whenever I tried to make friends with other autistic spectrum people who like neural typicals let me down time and time again yet I being an idiot just never learn from my mistakes and continue to befriend these fellow autistic spectrum people having them bite my hand rather take it in friendship.

I have had autistic spectrum friends whom took advantage of me like getting rides home from my dad whenever we went out, Christmas gifts from me yet they never could give a fucking Christmas gift back to me and I would always have to resort to asking them to give me a Christmas gift back as they owed me for how I helped them in the past.

I had to even deal with being physically touched in a form of being violent
pounced in the arm or grabbed then thrown constantly a bunch of times by a few of these autistic spectrum friends of mine who don't understand anything about my personal space and that I hate being touched and I would always tell them not to touch me over and over again yet they keep doing it over and over again regardless?

I remember I tried to be friends with this one guy who had either Aspergers, high functioning autism or ADHD named Toby at this autistic spectrum youth social club I used to attend and this a$$hat tried to poke me in the eyes with his sharp knife like fingers and when I reacted by telling him not to do it he would respond "You're wearing glasses I can't poke your eyes out."

I hated this a$$hole, he did it so much one day I remembered that I had enough and I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine when I tried to flip his stupid cap off his head but by accident I poked Toby in the eye for real which he tried to do to me so often but failed as I wore glasses which kept that from happening.

I remember he was rubbing his eyes and angrily demanded I apologize to him for poking him in the eye when he kept doing it to me and never once apologized to me?

I refused then one of the co-ordinators saw my argument with Toby and took his side threatening me that if I didn't apologize to Toby I would be kicked out of the social group?

I at the time needed to socialize with other people at this autistic spectrum social club though I had problems with Toby I was kind of on good terms with other people there?

So I kicked myself for what I was about to do and apologized to that a$$ht Toby, who in my opinion didn't deserve an apology from me for me poking him in the eye by accident when I wanted to flip his hat off. Toby deserved to be poked in the eye as he was no good to me after I tried to be friends with him only for him to try to return that friendship with bullying.

The apology was useless in the end as I was eventually kicked out of the autistic social group anyways on an unrelated later conflict with Toby and this other guy which I had no hand in but the co-ordinators were so on Toby's side they used the conflict between him  and this other guy claiming I masterminded the whole thing just to kick me out as they didn't like me for not liking their precious Toby while the other members there were forced to like this prick faced a$$hat in form of fascism?

That was only one of the many bad experiences I had trying to be friends with other people on the autistic spectrum.

Another was back in 2009 when I had attended this autistic spectrum Highschool to College orientation thing this was years before out the stuff with Toby.

I had meet three other Aspies there about my age, we started off great, I thought they would become the life long friends I needed.........I was wrong.

I ended up having one of them a guy named Calvin pull a knife on me in the middle of a restaurant during his birthday when I was just joking with him about something but he took it the wrong way thinking I was insulting him and just took a very sharp knife out of some loathe of bread at the table and waved it in my face threatening me like he was some Mafia don after insulting him?

I stupidly forgave this a$$hat afterward as I was so desperate for friends having either him along with the other two or no one.

I didn't want to be alone so I told him not to do it again and continually brought it up in the future and he said he would improve himself yet failed to do time and time again.

Calvin liked to touch me by doing things like punching me or grabbing me and I hated it, I told him I didn't like touching but he kept at it and this would eventually lead to future conflicts in which I was so tired of him I started talking bad about Calvin behind his back with another friend who I had at the time who was on better terms with Calvin than I was.

Eventually I managed to f#k things up with this other friend, along with Calvin which drove a wedge between me and the other friends in the group as people started to grow to hate me as I was just letting out even more of my dislike and hate of them for their shortcomings due to their autistic spectrum conditions versus mine.

I hated these three autistic spectrum friends I had, as I hate how truly self centred they were like asking for rides from me which I gave them and they would never do the same for me?

Or the worser thing in that I gave each three of them back in Christmas 2009 presents and they never even gave me one present back that I had to twist Calvin's arm to tell him after all the crap he did to me from invading my personal space to bossing me around like I was his personal slave boy when at my house that he owed me a gift as repayment for the shit he did. He agreed but in the end even with the present in hand things fell apart for me and them.

I was just as self centred and maybe even a bit more self centred in someways than these three formers friends of mine were as I felt my friends owed me a favour or two as I was always there for them but they never bothered to give me the same respect which proper friends would've done.

I should've figured that I being so self centred and selfish in my own life that these other kids with Aspergers or whatever were just like me and would lack just as much empathy or Human compassion as I did.

I never learned and years to come so many similar situations like with Toby would happen but before that but after Calvin and the other 2 Aspie friends, I was in college in 2010 to 2011 in a pre animation course, like all my previous school years I was very unpopular guy one wanted to be my friend so I became friends with other Aspies yet again as they were the only one's who wanted to or at least showed interest in talking to me.

So I became friends with these two other Aspies one named Julian and another named Katie.

Julian had anger issues, was very self centred, liked to boss others around me included, took whatever he wanted whenever he wanted never a please or a thank you.

Yours truly stuck with this ogre of a friend as everyone else at my college course was an SJW and found me either offensive or annoying.

So I stuck with Julian as he was only choice for a friend and faced his attempt at trying strangling by me the ogre which I was lucky to kick him off or somehow I got him to get off of me.

I like before forgave him like I did with Calvin but I felt a surge of anger bottled up as this bastard tried to kill me, he apologized a little bit yet I was so desperate for friends I stuck with this guy to avoid being without friends and left to the SJW wolves on my own in college.

Katie was the other Aspie I stuck with.......she was an SJW also but one willing to talk to me compared to the others she like Julian had Aspergers.

She was everything exactly like Julian from the anger issues, self centerness, insanity, invading of personal space and was even overweight just like Julian was.

You could almost say Katie was Julian's sister or what Julian looked like after his sex change? In reality they weren't related and in fact didn't really like one another but we're both frenemies with me as I was desperate for a friend and they showed interest.

So I put up with Katie's SJW beliefs which she tried to shove down my throat whenever we talked. She even went as far as interrupting me when I was talking about my belief in God when I said God was a He she cut in screaming at me to my face that God was a She.

I am not going to dismissing the possibility that God could be female for those who believe God is a female but when I am talking about God my interpretation of God no one should have a right to rudely cut me off in mid sentence and tell me otherwise as that is my right to believe what I believe as long as what I believed in didn't hurt anyone or anything else.

I think anyone who has the nerve to feel that they have a right to tell other people that their interpretation of God is wrong as it is not like their interpretation of God is a massive a$$hole just like what Katie was to me trying to correct my belief in what God's gender was.

I wouldn't ever tell her up to her face that God was a male and not a female why couldn't she extend the same courtesy to me?

Yet I stayed sort of friends with Katie all throughout college just like I did with Julian dismissing them for their actions as I tried to pity them as they were slightly cognitively lower than I was but on the inside over the years I remember the two and I really began to hate everything about them but at the time I knew them I stayed friends with them out of necessity for friendship in college to fight off loneness.

Fast Forward to now I have friends still on the autistic spectrum, a friend named Barry who is autistic that has the mind of a 10 year old very self centred, selfish always wants you to do whatever he wants never once asking what you want to do, and another friend named Sanjay who has Aspergers like I do at about the same level as I but doesn't understand personal space, tries to fix other people's problems yet never looks at his own problems and lacks social understanding like not understanding that when in a movie theatre he should keep his shoes and socks on not take them off until he just is barefoot in a public theatre.

I struggle with social understanding much like them, I can be self centred like they are but even I understand a bit of social understanding here and there when knowing what to do and what not to do in public.

My friend Barry once while at Comic Con got scared of a Jar Jar Binks figure I was holding so he grabbed a random girl he never even knew and used her as a Human shield to protect himself from the toy of Jar Jar. I am not making this up and really wish I did cause when hanging out with Barry the weirdness which seems drip out like a runny tap.

I swear these are just a few things I had to deal with when dealing with friends on the autistic spectrum I had over the years.

I have a lot of the same social understanding problems as they do yet I sort of understand a bit more than them yet not enough to be social normal like non autistic people to keep me from getting into trouble.

I not autistic enough yet I am not non autistic either?

I can't stand others on the autistic spectrum like me but I can't be accepted by non autistic either as I can't socialize properly like them.

I honestly don't know where to make friends who would be the right fit for me?

If I have this much trouble making friends and keeping them what hope would I have to find a girlfriend than marry her?

I worry I am so bad at socializing and desperate that I might end up in an abusive relationship with a woman one day who might try to stab me in the middle of the night as she might have mental problems just like the freaks I had called and still call friends.

This is one of the main reasons I have yet to date anyone.........the people I encounter either I purposely search for to then hangout with just to punish myself for whatever reason or I am just a magnet for freaks or what what makes me feel my options for friends and possibly relationships is so limited?

I wish I could just break out of this repeating pattern of getting into friendships with other people on the autistic spectrum with mental problems or just people with mental problems and start having actual good friends who aren't nuts, selfish, rude,crazy,extremist,self centred, don't understand personal space or unable ever to know how to return a favour.

Maybe I am just crazy and deserve all this crap in my life?
Having friends on the autistic spectrum
Within my life I have had a lot of autistic spectrum friends and I being on the autistic spectrum it difficult and a real struggle.

I get mad at them for making a lot of the same mistakes that I either currently make or used to have made back when I knew less yet I can't stand having friends who are. Autistic spectrum yet without them I am truly alone a no non autistics want to put up with me?

Life is a impossible for me, if I can't make friends how can I ever find love?

Joker toys with Batman and Robin
I think it is safe to say that Joker gets bored very very easily as I think he might have some form of undiagnosed ADHD which gives him such creativity and ideas to mess with Batman on a regular basis.

Well here is a picture I did using both Photoshop and Photo Director 7 showing the Joker and how he loves to toy with Batman and Robin some times quite literally if you see him dangling string dolls in this picture.

My hope is that my picture does justice to capture the essence of Batman: The Animated Series using my action figures.

I hope you enjoy 😀


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SJWs and Aspies can't get along

Today's world sucks.........people are easily offended and guess what I have Aspergers Syndrome, a mild form of autism which one of the symptoms of having the condition is that I easily offend people ..........a lot pretty much almost everyday of my life for as long as I could remember.

SJWs or Social Justice Warriors like to shut down and police people for their speech these days especially if it is offensive or accidentally offensive in my case as I have Asperger and I don't understand that what I said was offensive?

I don't think I or anyone else who has higher functioning autism like me deserves to get yelled at, or beat up just cause we said something that sounded very offensive to another person's ears.

How can Social Justice Warriors truly be standing up for true social justice when in reality they on a regular basis end up beating up minorities along the way like people like me who have Aspergers and don't know our speech is offensive in the first place?

A people who don't know what they are doing is offensive are not an evil or deserving to be beat up or yelled at!!!!!! We are a people like you trying to survive day by day without being hurt over makes us different from the rest of the population.

Accidentally offending people is a trait universally shared by most Aspies whether we admit it or not and any Aspie that tells you that they never accidentally offended anyone in their whole life, they either aren't self aware enough to notice, or lying or suffer from narcissism unable to be see themselves as lesser.

I hate that for example if I see a random woman with hairy arms walking down the street and I talk about it out loud to my friend I could get beat up or yelled at by a random SJW walking past me down the street who would be under the impression that I was making fun of someone who was transsexual.......when in reality I was just thinking out loud and making an observation with no hate in my heart for any person of the LGBTQ or even aware that the person I was talking about was LGBTQ?

I have Aspergers, I see, I observe and speak what I see with people a lot of times out loud as I don't know what is a good topic for starting a conversation and what isn't?

I have a friend named Barry in real life who has lower functioning autism than I and he uses topics like talking about abortions around people as he like me can't understand that the topic is uncomfortable with most people......does he deserve to get beat up or yelled at for it especially like me he has no idea that his topic of starting a conversation is bad?

No he doesn't as like me he is completely unware that talking about abortion is wrong or politically incorrect?

Having Aspergers, I generally have a hard time changing with the times as I don't always get into or understand the latest trends my peers are into like Twitter, Facebook, planking, selfies, Justin Beiber music, Game of Thrones, and in this case politically correct speech or speech that SJWs approve as freedom of speech.

I am the last to the party to say it best, I'm not the most politically correct person in the world and this is what I was like since I first learned to talk. I grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s when television, media, people, and even culture made fun of the stuff that SJWs and P.C., people now protect not cause I and others like me were evil or bad.......but that back then in the time I grew up in people didn't know that a gay joke hurt a group people's feelings, or making a black joke on TV was anything but comedy or that our TV heroes had to be something besides a male?

It was just the way the culture was in the 1990s and early 2000s we weren't perfect back then or even now but that was our world and I as a kid grew used to that world as it was the only world I knew back then.

So as an Aspie taking to change from a world where it was normal and common to poke at someone and speculate what their sexuality is?, to a world now where it was seen as truly discriminative and down right illegal to poke at someone and speculate what their sexuality is?...........the change is difficult and not always easy for me to unlearn the behaviours of the old world 10 to 20 years ago to transition into the new more P.C. World of now.

As an Aspie I am probably one of the most flawed person in existence and the most unfiltered but it doesn't mean I am a sexist, a man against women gaining rights, a racist, a homophobe or a secret gay man hating his own kind to hide any sexual secrets............I am just guy trying to live in a world that is just as and maybe even more confusing world than the one I grew to know from 20 years ago when everything was opposite of now.

With SJWs and P.C., people alike not getting the message that I am trying my best to live in a world growing more in favour of them and their views it is hard for a man such as myself and others like me who struggle with what I have to walk outside without accidentally offending someone or some group then getting beat up or even killed for what comes out of our mouths.

It is cause of this extremist nature of these SJWs that I fear the world of today so much, I get that they are trying to do good in their own way but they need start understand that not all people who offend them and the groups they protect are bad people but just people trying their best.

I think SJWs and P.C., people set the standards too high and expect too much from people like me and the rest of the autistic spectrum community.

These rights they want don't come overnight and take it from me; a person part of an autistic minority.........human rights and understanding don't come overnight.

If understanding for autistic people especially higher functioning people like myself came came over night I wouldn't be writing this article right now?

I have Aspergers and my people and I these days constantly become the subjects of these witch hunts for racists, Nazis, sexists, homophobes that the SJWs just love to hunt for in their pursuit of equality never taking the time to really think if some of these people they accuse of these things listed above are as what they seem?

You SJWs and P.C. People demands us Aspies empathy for our fellow man for their various differences yet you yourselves never take the time to try to give empathy to I and other Aspies like me for our differences?

How do you expect us to give empathy to SJWs and their beliefs when they themselves refuse to give it to us...........the very people who give us the impression that they have an abundance of it while we have less of it?

See a paradox there SJWs?

You demand poor peasants with only the clothes on their backs which we Aspies are to give gold to you SJW nobles who have all the gold in the region?

You get what I'm saying?
SJWs and Aspies can't get along
As a young man with Aspergers Syndrome in 2017, it is very very difficult for me to live in this world that each day is growing more politically correct and my words becoming more and more monitored be these SJWs who in my opinion are taking my freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Why are freedom of speech and freedom of expression such a big deal for someone with Aspergers I need these two rights intact as they allow me to say whatever is on my mind without being hurt for saying what I am saying even if others don't want to here it.

Apart of having Aspergers is that I say things that come off as rude or offensive or politically incorrect not cause I am a jerk like those racist hate groups but that I have trouble understanding what is and isn't offensive topics for conversations.

A problem I have struggled ever since I could talk. These bastard SJWs have made things impossible for a person like me who has trouble articulating what I am saying in my mind without saying it in a way that is offensive.

I think if SJWs had their way Aspies like me would become mutes with our vocal cords removed.

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Stop editing history

So you know how a few weeks back in the United States there was this news report about these people who smashed this statue of this historic civil war general as the man supported the Confederates in the South?

Well more recently there was a story just like this but in Canada my home country where people had done the same thing but this time instead of a statue there were an angry group of Canadian protestors who wanted to change all Canadian Schools with the name John A. McDonald on them to something else.

The reason for the name change for all schools throughout Canada with the name John A. Macdonald was that people supporting the name change stated that John A. Macdonald was a racist, bully and all around horrible person in all of Canada's history.

For those of you out there reading this and don't know who John A. McDonald is? The man was the very first Prime Minister of Canada.

Yes it is true from what I uncovered about the man that he indeed was a racist and treated the Aboriginal people and Chinese immigrants in Canada at that time in history like dirt but we need to understand that at time John A. McDonald was alive his society had very different standards than the time we live in now.

For most of the 1800s up until 1867 Canada was not really a country but just another British colony where we still had to listen to the British government and run everything by them before we could make a decision to govern our own homeland and people.

Then John A. McDonald who agreed to a proposal from his political rival George Brown to unite to create the Great Coalition.

The Great Coalition which had John A. MacDonald as a leading figure in the discussions to seek federation and political reform which in time lead the the British North America Act in 1867 which helped greatly to give birth to Canada as a country and no longer a colony of the British Empire.

We as a nation were able to finally govern ourselves as a people instead of relying on decisions made for us by others in a far away place overseas who don't know what it is like to actually live in Canada.

Like it or not without John A. MacDonald and his contributions to Canada's history we as Canadians today might not even exist as a people just citizens of the British Empire instead of our own independent culture and people.

Without John A. MacDonald, the Canadian Railroads that go all throughout Canada wouldn't even exist.

Yes many many Chinese railway workers died being worked to death in the creation of the Canadain railroads that John A. MacDonald ordered to be made as soon as possible but what of the Great Wall of China which was ordered by the First Emperor of China back thousands of years before that?

Many many people died to create the Great Wall of China which even had some of it's dead workers put into the mortar itself during the construction of the wall which like the Railroad of Canada both had a hefty toll of Human lives to construct the end product.

Without the sacrifices of these people under the orders both John A. MacDonald and the First Emperor of China alike.......what purpose that came after from these creations wouldn't even exist to help the people of either country.

The Great wall of China protected China and her citizens from Mongol invaders and many other threats to the country much like the Canadian Railroad help Canada connect it's people's and lands in ways it never could before unless with ships but there were some places even ships couldn't cross like forests spread all throughout Canada and her provinces.

Without the Canadian Railroad which transported both goods and people across Canada to various destinations and where they were needed most, Canadian history would where it is today.

Without the Canadian Railroad, doctors and medicines in Canada's history might not  have been able to get to places in Canada where they were needed most to help stop outbreaks of diseases in the various provinces in our past like polio, smallpox and other outbreaks that are now mostly eliminated in 2017.

I am not saying John A. MacDonald was a good person or even someone you'd ever want to be friends in your life with but the man good or bad did have a hand on the political level at least to get the Canadian Railroad finished which connected Canada from one province to the next effortlessly.

Christopher Columbus was one of the first people to reach the new world which lead to people form Europe and even other places overseas to come over and make both Canada and the United States of America into countries.

Much like John A. MacDonald, Christopher Columbus in his pursuit of finding a new land which is now home to millions of people today had in the past contributed
indirectly to killing millions of other people already there.....Indigenous peoples of North America the very same people John A. MacDonald centuries later unfortunately would contribute in the annihilation of further where Christopher Columbus began thinking his actions were right when he first came to the New World?

John A. MacDonald more or less continued the objective of killing off a native population of the Northern part of North America which is now Canada because of explorer Christopher Columbus who reintroduced the continent back Europeans centuries since the Vikings first found North America before that.

Yet we still have a city in Ohio named after Christopher Columbus, a few schools along colleges named after Christopher Columbus and even a national holiday named after the man who was the spearhead that began the destruction of the Aboriginals of North America which by the time it got to John A. MacDonald had been happening for a very long time.

If we are to erase John A. MacDonald from our Canadian schools and even our history should we not erase Christopher Columbus from our Western history also as he was the guy who began the destruction of the Native people of America?

If not for Christopher Columbus, John A. MacDonald wouldn't even be the Prime Minster of anything in history or even have contributed to the genocide of the Native people of Canada in the 1800s?

I know many of people of today's politically correct world of 2017 don't want to hear  me to say this but no one in our collective Human history is a complete angel or even a complete devil.........they truthfully are more a shade of morally gray neither good nor bad but did what they did which shaped and progressed our society and history into what it is today.

John A. MacDonald was an asshole I will tell you from what I read and researched of the man but without him the various provinces in Canada like Ontario, New Brunswick, British Columbia and other provinces along with the territories might not be united into the country we Canadians take for granted today.

If you research about any other historical figure from any other culture in any other country around the world you'll find that much like John A. MacDonald........a lot of them were assholes too but they did contribute to things that helped in the creation and shaping of what we have today from language, inventions, to even the existence of a whole country.

Like did you George Washington actually had slaves like over 50 in his lifetime and this was all before he decided to change that by being one of the first slave owners to free them?

I would say George Washington was sort of a grey historical character too but one more in the light at the end of his life more so than Jon A. MacDonald ever was but at the beginning of his life Washington he still chose to keep slaves for a very long time much like other rich white people who lived during his time.

See much like John A. MacDonald and other historical figures George Washington was a flawed Human being within the realm of the grey but just happened to make slightly better decisions than the first Canadian Prime Minster did but George was still in the grey which most Humans throughout history were in and even now.

No Human truly knows what is good or bad in the world, we just go with what we think is best for the population or what is most popular but at the end of the day our decisions aren't a permanent solution but over time these decisions would be under the continual judgement of future generations who's moral views would be truly different than ours and not up to their standards.

Like right now we Humans eat meat harvested by killing innocent animals raised on a farm for all we know in the far future our descents might find away of eat meat without having to kill animals for it? These same descents might look back on history to 2017 of us now and say "My God our ancestors are a bunch of specists and don't care about animal rights as they eat our animal brothers who we hold to equal regard."

Like do you see a parallel to how morality is different in our time now versus the morality of yesterday's world? Racism was a normal thing back in the 1800s much like how eating meat from animals is a normal thing in our time.

Our generation knows racism, sexism and homophobia are wrong but from the perspective of a person back in the 1800s they didn't know any better as everyone back then saw it as law, and accepted it as just life as they had a more limited knowledge back then of things we know now is wrong.

So don't be surprised if our descents call us a bunch of savages in the far future for what we do now but also that our descents in the far future have no right to compare us to their standards that they would hold in the future as we don't have the knowledge and understanding they have in their time versus the knowledge we have in our time.

Would it be right for our descents to erase or censor out us in our time for our savagery to animals in 2017 as we don't fit their standards of morality.........I say in that if they do censor out or erase us from their history like what we are doing to John A. MacDonald right now..........we would be erasing lessons we could be learning from the past like racism, sexism and other discriminations are bad and most importantly to use these things from our past to learn from them to not repeat the same mistakes of our ancestors in the past.

To quote Morpheus from the Matrix Reloaded "I am not here because of the path before me........I am here because of the path behind me."

Without the path behind us and all the things we as a collective species have had to go through both good and bad we wouldn't even have the path before us to our future which is hopefully brighter than the one we have now.

John A. MacDonald and other historical figures with a very dark element to them,  people should think of less as something to be censored, edit or even worship but instead we should look at historical figures with a dark element to them more as that relative we don't like but should acknowledge as they are part of our family tree and did shape us in their own way. That even as awful as this relative was to us they did also help shape us into the people we are now.

Without this unliked relative we would not have learned lessons in life that we can use to avoid similar situations in the future.

John A. MacDonald is an example of a very flawed man we can look at, learn from and not repeat the same mistakes he made but also understand he did great things to like form Canada and push for the creation of the Canadian Railroad.

Also John A. MacDonald had been dead for centuries and can't stand trial for what he did in today's world he could never even fathom to exist? So there real is no need to put a dead man on trial like what some SJWs are trying to do in today's world.

When John A. MacDonald committed these crimes it was a different world, with it's own laws and own ideals not like the tangible one we live in now we can change.

I say we leave his name on the schools throughout Canada to commemorate how he helped bring Canada into it's own as a country but also remember he was still a Human after all and was no more immune to evil in the horrible things he did throughout his lifetime as we in the present aren't anymore immune to the evils of today's worlds in what we do that we think is right or not right.

We are all Humans and our history demonstrates that, we don't have control of what our ancestors did in the far past just like how we don't have control over what our descents will do in the far future.

There is an old saying........leave the past where it falls and we as Canadians and all of Humanity should just take this advice and leave the past where it falls, remember the lessons from what we can get from it to apply to our own lives to better ourselves and others but also know we can't help those from long ago that are no longer with us but that we should concentrate on to tangible people of today we can help.

If we edit John A. MacDonald from our history what is to stop others from trying to edit the past of other historical figures like the First a Emperor of China, Genghis Khan, Winston Churchill, Christopher Columbus whom all have equally if not more evil deeds under their belts as John A. MacDonald?

Then we would lose even more of our history and with no more history we have no more lessons to learn from therefore I fear we as a species will surely by irony make the very same and evil mistakes as the very people we as a collective society are trying to censor out for their misdeeds?

The young need to know of their ancestors and others of history so they can make a better future for themselves.

So I say stop editing the past but concentrate more on making a more logical and bright future for all that our ancestors would want to live in.
Stop editing history
We need stop trying to edit history. So a few days ago there was a news report about about how some SJW Canadians want to change the name of schools with the name John A. MacDonald on them.

John A. MacDonald was Canada's first Prime Minster and was the one who helped bring Canada into it's own as a country instead of continuing as another British colony.

Yet these SJWs in Canada looked at some of the more darker elements of Canada's first Prime Minister like that he was a racist in his lifetime and now the SJWs want to take his name off every Canadian school and rename it something else.

Here are my thoughts on this

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