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I hate potheads :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 1 6
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The Current World Pisses Me Off :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 2 1
My idea for a Captain Rex stand-alone movie
My idea for a Captain Rex standalone movie
So with Disney wanting to do more Star Wars Stand-alone movies like what they did with Rogue One which took place after Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith but before Star Wars: A New Hope and soon the Han Solo stand-alone movie which is said to take place like maybe less then 6 years after Revenge of the Sith but many years before Rogue One and A New Hope.....
.......I began thinking about my ideas for what Disney and Lucasfilm should do next in terms of Star Wars stand-alone movies.
My idea won’t be the rumoured Obi Wan Kenobi, Boba Fett, or Yoda movie but.......
.......a Captain Rex stand-alone movie.
Captain Rex is the awesome clone trooper commander we fans of Star Wars get introduced to in Star Wars: The Clone Wars t.v. show, who is one of the few clone troopers to actually not die in the Clone Wars like so many of his brothers did on a regular basis throughout the series.
Also Captain Rex is one of the few clone troopers to not turn ag
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It is Hard Being a Father by Lightsthroughshadow It is Hard Being a Father :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 11 9
The leadership at Lucasfilm
The leadership at Lucasfilm
So since about 2012 or 2014, Star Wars had been sold to Disney by George Lucas who longer has any control of the property and now control of all things Star Wars now belongs to Kathleen Kennedy who over the years of running Star Wars had started killing the galaxy far far away that we loved to no end.
Kathleen introduced sexism into Star Wars where none existed before but not traditional sexism in the way you might think.
Kathleen Kennedy introduced sexism towards us men by making bold statements proclaiming the force is female. When in reality the force is neither female nor male and is above such mortal labels as it is genderless as it is the force that’s it.
Yet this horrid woman had to claim the force is female which to me is not feminism but female domination and an attack on us males. I think by her making such claims as this she has alienated the very people who made Star Wars the popular brand it is today by us males who even now still make up
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Racism in the new trilogy by Lightsthroughshadow Racism in the new trilogy :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 7 9
My thoughts on the Disney owned Star Wars
My thoughts on the Disney owned Star Wars
For today I will be shedding light on a subject that very few people in the Star Wars community seem to barely bring up with the new Disney trilogy of Star Wars films starting with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, more recently Star Wars: The Last Jedi and whatever the third film in the new trilogy is.
After the first time I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I came out of the theater just  realizing the massive elephant in the room when I saw that movie.......the character of Finn played by actor John Boyega was a racist depiction toward black people and against black empowerment along with non white empowerment.
Like seriously if you don’t believe me go back and watch the Force Awakens and Last Jedi then watch closely as how many times the character was beat down, knocked down and just getting the crap kicked out of him in both Star Wars films.
The guy throughout both films no matter what always has a scene or several scenes where he e
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The first robot citizen :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 2 2
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Master Yoda is dirty old man :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 7 0
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How we can possibly solve our current problems :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 1 0
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Trump is the reason SJWs have power :iconlightsthroughshadow:Lightsthroughshadow 2 9


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I hate Potheads

Today I am going to get something off my chest that has been bugging me for a long time which is my dislike towards potheads.

I already know a lot of people reading this might hate me for this rant of mine and I don’t care, these are my feelings towards this community of people and this is what I think of them. Hopefully you all will understand by the end why I hate them so much?

With the legalization of weed in both Canada and the United States coming closer and closer to every community, I grow ever more concerned for both countries as there would be more potheads able to walk around being to smoke their drug and no one would be allowed to stop them as it is now legal?

When I went to Highschool I had gone to a Highschool full of potheads and these people weren’t the chill, and cool kids that people wrongfully and stereotypically love to label these losers as?  No.......the potheads that ruled my Highschool were a bunch of self absorbed, vicious, cruel jackasses that made my days in Highschool a living Hell.

I suffered under their thumbs being constantly bullied by these assholes in every class I took and every day I walked through those doors into Highschool.

The potheads called me names, teased me relentlessly, took or stole my things, ganged up to physically assault me, threatened to beat me up, and treated me like I was their circus monkey for their own amusement.

Being a young kid with Aspergers Syndrome and trying to navigate my way in Highschool was hard enough but these potheads spent every waking moment making my life miserable when all I wanted was to make friends and be accepted by my peers......these potheads in their selfishness made me a joke over and over for their selfish perverse enjoyment.

I remember one pothead randomly came up to me in Geography class when I was sitting there with my neck down reading and you know what the asshole did? He starts cutting paper over the back of my bare neck that went down my shirt.

This same pothead named Julian made my days in Highschool hell in how he tormented me nonstop no matter how many times I reported him to teachers and principal, he wouldn’t stop. So I one day tried to fight back by throwing the first punch as he wouldn’t get it through his pothead that I didn’t like him bullying me.

I was a very weak kid, I barely bruised him and Julian hit me back giving me a bloody nose then we both got suspended from school for a week and this pothead later tried to spin the story around to the principals saying he was innocent and I was the bad guy when in reality he provoked me constantly and I did everything as peaceful and diplomatically as possible to get him to leave me alone and he wouldn’t listen.

Heck that day we got into a fight Julian threw trash at me first then I had it with his bullshit as he had been harassing me nonstop for a very very long time so I threw the first punch to get him to leave me alone as I thought maybe he would understand violence and we knew where that went?

Julian was only one pothead in my Highschool that gave me Hell, there were others too who were just as high and just as cruel as Julian which made life so stressful for me in Highschool that I ended up leaving to go to another school to get away from the bullies in my Highschool who all smoked pot got high then decided to bully the crap out of me like always.

Then when I graduated Highschool, in the summer of that year my cousin from Philadelphia came to stay with me and my family. For two weeks I suffered at his hands being bullied, physically abused and teased by the brute then when he left Canada to head home I was left with trauma that would last me for a lifetime of to even this day.

I would find out later from my mom that the reason my cousin; Jack acted like he did with me was he did drugs and the likely drug he did which Jack was peer pressured into doing by his dumbass friends in Philadelphia was none other than Marijuana or the technical name for pot.

Jack was doing pot for years which completely fucked up his mind and as a result he decided to beat the crap out of me for two weeks of my life, I never want to relive.

Then after that I made a new friend from this autistic spectrum group I went to. This friend was named Calvin and things started off fine as we connected over video games and comic books then as I got to know him more I realized Calvin was.......trouble.

Calvin kept invading my personal space, hitting me, punching me and disrespecting my personal belongings when at my house where we hung out and guess what I found out he did in his free time when not hanging out with me?

Calvin did pot and like my cousin and bully from Highschool, he treated me like crap when all I was looking for was a friend. Aspergers makes it difficult for me to make long term friends so I thought trying with others of my own condition would be a good idea?

I was completely wrong and got my skinny bitch ass beat by yet another pothead.

Then more recently I had a friend named Sanjay whom I stopped being friends with who like me had Aspergers. Things started off fine at first with him like with Calvin, I even excused a few annoying rude things Sanjay did toward me from time to time like throw his coat at me to have me hold it for him when he could’ve asked politely.

He would constantly grab me by the back of my neck or invade my personal space thinking he was playing around like guys with do with other guys sometimes but I keep trying to tell him that I have Aspergers and don’t like being touched unless it was a gentle pat on the back.

Yet Sanjay didn’t listen and kept at it thinking I would forgive him for his ways as he thought himself as a friend to all and what he did was all in good fun not knowing it was at others’ expense?

Then things really got to me with him when he got involved with a conflict I was having with this other friend I had named Darren.

Darren caught me on a bad day once where I accidentally shouted at him as the week leading up to that day at work was bad for me. I apologized to Darren over it which he at the time said he forgave me over but only to secretly still harbour angry toward me over that one bad day I had with him.

Darren then turns to Sanjay for some reason to act as a mediator between him and I.

Sanjay then starts telling me Darren hates me and other toxic things thinking he was helping me by informing me about all these horrible things between Darren and I that I should improve on?

Sanjay isn’t my father or my mother and things between Darren and I are between him and I yet this nosy asshole known as Sanjay decides he is all knowing, thinking he knows best for people and tries to fix my problem but in reality made things worse.

I ended up hating Darren more and Sanjay also who like Calvin, Jack and Julian was nothing more than a no good pothead who thought himself better than everyone else and only his perspective and feelings in anything mattered? When in reality everyone has a perspective not just the fucking potheads.

Potheads made my life difficult in the events I mentioned earlier and I had to have been somehow high myself on something to constantly put up with these jackasses instead doing what I should’ve done which was take a baseball bat and start hitting some of these potheads in the shins for hurting me both physically, mentally and emotionally.

I hate potheads
I hate potheads and I hate how Canada and USA are now making it legal for these people to be able to smoke their drug. You can accuse me of sounding like an angry conservative which I am not.

I am angry but I certainly not a Conservative nor am I a liberal but that is a different story for another time where my political views lay?

Right now I am wanting to get my dislike or more likely hate for potheads off my chest in all the shit I had to endure dealing with these assholes I had the misfortune of coming across in my life from my days of being bullied by potheads in Highschool, to my pothead cousin beating the crap out of me to my two friends who both did pot that made being friends with them hard and emotionally scarring.

I hate potheads and I always will as the ones I’ve met aren’t the cool, calm people that current society likes to label these fuckers as!!!!!

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The current world pisses me off

I need to get something off of my chest.........I CAN’T STAND TODAY’S CURRENT WORLD!!!!!!!

I swear to god I am tired of having to hear things in the news like another mass shooting that killed another 100 people.

I am tired of having to hear another story about some crazed SJW somewhere in the world saying that something as innocent like cereal is sexist, transphobic, homophobic or racist.

I am tired of having to hear that another male celebrity in Hollywood or somewhere else in the entertainment industry is being accused of being involved in sexual misconduct.

I am tired of having to hear news about some random young man being shot just cause of his skin colour.


I as a young man with Aspergers Syndrome am confused enough as it is with this world already, as being confused is the default of having autistic spectrum disorder like I have. I am just literally exhausted by the shit that goes on in today’s world of the ever changing mentality of people.

I have autism and change is hard for me, I still think the world is 1995 or 2005 sometimes as those times were the times I grew up in. I grew up in a time when shows like MadTV in the early 2000s poked fun at the LGBT community, people of different cultural and racial backgrounds, the genders and other stuff like that.

I didn’t hate these different groups that MadTV poked fun at, I just learned of these groups from MadTV though in a very inaccurate way but I still learned of them and their existence.

As a person with mild autism, who struggled in school with learning as I had such difficulty through either learning the material at the same pace as my other peers or just trying not to get bullied as I was so different than everyone else, I mainly learned from television as it didn’t judge me.

Though television in the 1990s to early to mid 2000s and even now aren’t great sources of accurate information........I learned from it as it was a safe place for me to learn from not trying to sound like an SJW myself.

God I hate SJWs and P.C. people always running around thinking they’re Batman or something getting into other people’s business and getting mad at people for saying this and saying that when most of what people say isn’t offensive but either a joke or an observation. Like they think they know what is best for people, them and their arrogance thinking they’re better then those of us who aren’t as caught up with the times as the rest of them.

The SJWs say they are fighting for equality yet they are leaving out men and white people or people who have a slightly differing opinion then their own that could still be on their side.

I hate how these SJW assholes are going around calling everyone a sexist, a racist, a homophobe, an in the closet self hating homosexual, and a racist when they themselves back in the 1990s to early to mid 2000s were all these things and more that they are now accusing people now of being.

Heck most SJWs are still these things they accuse people of being but flipped around as society wants to censor out even the smallest bit of the old world. Today’s world allows women to say their piece on killing all the men but turns a blind to males being victims in domestic abuse.



In the old world I was called a spaz or a retard, in the new world I am called a Nazis, or an in the closet self hating homosexual homophobe, a racist or a sexist....


I sometimes just wish I could just punch both the Far Right and Far Left in their faces. Just punch both extremes until they not only had a black eyes but became so blind that their other senses got better like their hearing which could actually make them both learn to listen for a change in what they are both doing is bad for the world.

What we need is to incorporate aspects of the old and new world that are actually beneficial to all people......and I mean all people men, women, male,female,white,Asian, black, homosexual,bisexual,transsexual, autistic, mildly autistic and anything else that is different but also a people who only want to coexist with others in this world.

We need a world that has freedom of speech for all people that shouldn’t be censored out unless it is Hitler hate speech type stuff that involves things stuff like this: a woman wanting to kill all the men, white people wanting to kill all nonwhite people, heterosexuals wanting to kill all homosexuals, homosexuals wanting to kill all heterosexuals, and nonwhite people wanting to kill all white people.

A world where a little boy is taught not to hit girls or other boys not unless on the rare chance they attack him first in an unprovoked violent attack then if that happens the little boy is allowed to hit girls or other boys.

We need a society that thinks less with emotional illogical reactions and more a society of logic, true empathy, true equality that benefits all who live in it who only want to coexist with those around them.

A world without SJWs, Nazis, terrorists, or anyone else willing to take power rather than share it with their fellow Human as an equal, would be a truly fair and just world.

We owe this to our children and our children’s children for the continued existence of the human race. We Humans may be imperfect by nature in what we do but it doesn’t mean we can’t try to mature or improve ourselves to build a world we can only dream of. Nothing is impossible, as long as we have logic, compassion, perspective, empathy, love, and the willingness to learn from our mistakes.

My idea for a Captain Rex standalone movie

So with Disney wanting to do more Star Wars Stand-alone movies like what they did with Rogue One which took place after Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith but before Star Wars: A New Hope and soon the Han Solo stand-alone movie which is said to take place like maybe less then 6 years after Revenge of the Sith but many years before Rogue One and A New Hope.....

.......I began thinking about my ideas for what Disney and Lucasfilm should do next in terms of Star Wars stand-alone movies.

My idea won’t be the rumoured Obi Wan Kenobi, Boba Fett, or Yoda movie but.......

.......a Captain Rex stand-alone movie.

Captain Rex is the awesome clone trooper commander we fans of Star Wars get introduced to in Star Wars: The Clone Wars t.v. show, who is one of the few clone troopers to actually not die in the Clone Wars like so many of his brothers did on a regular basis throughout the series.

Also Captain Rex is one of the few clone troopers to not turn against the Jedi after Order 66 was issued which to me makes Captain Rex all the more awesome as he wasn’t forced against his will by Emperor Palpatine to become a total douchebag to the Jedi like so many of his brothers did.

Also ***SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!*****

For those people who didn’t watch the series finale of Star Wars Rebels..... is finally confirmed after a long time of speculating by fans that Captain Rex is indeed the Rebel on Endor the bearded old man who fought along side Han Solo along with other rebels on the ground during Return of the Jedi.

So I think it would be totally awesome and interesting if Disney decided to do a Star Wars standalone Captain Rex film. In my head I picture my idea for a perfect Captain Rex stand-alone film would be in the vein of the Curious Case of Benjamin Button meets Forest Gump meets badass science fiction action like all Star Wars films in the past.

I envision the film starting off a few years after the events of Return of the Jedi like 3 to 5 years after. Like many years before Luke’s exile in the crappy episode 7 to 9 trilogy which I hate with a passion.

We have it where Luke Skywalker who could be played by Sebastian Stan (as there is a great resemblance there between him and Mark Hamil) goes to a hospital on Coruscant where he is going to see an old friend who is none other than Captain Rex who would be played by Temuera Morrison (who previously played Jango Fett in Star Wars: Episode 2 along with all the clone troopers in the prequel live action trilogy.)

In this beginning part of the movie Luke comes to see Rex as the clone trooper is dying of old age, a privilege very few clone troopers get to live to but Captain Rex survived long enough to die a fairly peaceful death in a hospital bed after living a very long life compared to the rest of his clone trooper brothers.

We as the audience would get to find out that Luke and Rex have a sort of surrogate father and surrogate son type of relationship. This makes sense as Rex was in Star Wars Rebels which takes place before the events of the original Star Wars timeline but also during and possibly after the original trilogy.

That maybe we as the audience find out that Captain Rex mentored Luke Skywalker off screen during the original Star Wars trilogy but we never got to see until now in this stand alone film. Rex would afterall mentor Luke after finding out Luke’s last name and Luke being the son of Anakin Skywalker who Rex looked up to and served under. Why wouldn’t Rex mentor the son of his beloved Jedi commander? Rex would more or less be Luke’s sort of God father.

The scene at the beginning of the film with Rex and Luke could be like the scene at the beginning of Curious Case of Benjamin Button where we see Benjamin’s daughter coming to see her dying mother in a hospital while it was raining outside.

Where we have Rex laying in the hospital bed like the mother did and Luke standing there seeing Rex as he is dying like Benjamin’s daughter did with there being raining outside the hospital.

Then like the mother, Rex starts telling Luke a story of his life of when he was a young man fighting in the Clone Wars. Then the rest of the film could be flash backs to Rex’s early life as he is born in a test tube, to him training as a child on Kamino along with the rest of his clone brothers, to his perspective during the battle of Geonosis where he was and what he fought against that date in his life.

Then we flash forward to Rex during the Clone Wars meeting Anakin Skywalker for the first time one of the greatest Jedi commanders ever he served under and good friend, a moment we get to see in live action for the first time. Then we see Rex meet Ahsoka for the first time in live action also.

We get to see awesome live action retellings of the Clone Wars T.V. show from mainly Captain Rex’s point of view. We get to see Rex on screen in action and the horrors of seeing his clone brothers die around him and how he had to overcome that to be the badass we know and love.

This film could show us the Clone Wars from the point of view of an actual clone trooper which had never been done in a live action or any Star Wars film before.

We get to know what it is like to actually be a clone in this movie and what thoughts went through their heads for 2 hours.

Also in this Captain Rex stand-alone film like with the appearances of both Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker and a live action appearance by Ahsoka Tano there could be shit tons of other cameos and even bit parts in the movie from various familiar Star Wars characters like Obi Wan, Yoda, Mace Windu, Princess Leia, Han Solo, along with other characters from the Star Wars prequels along with Clone Wars and original trilogy.

I was even thinking there could also be appearances made by Saw Gerrara, live action appearances by the Ghost Crew from Star Wars Rebels from the expanded canon universe.

Heck there could also be an appearance made by Darth Maul just to sweeten the deal as Rex did meet Darth Maul in the Clone Wars and again in Star Wars Rebels.

The film could jump back and forth throughout the prequel and original trilogy as those were  times in Rex’s life.

The whole film could be narrated by Captain Rex as he is telling this story to Luke.

In the film we can also have the inclusion of a romance subplot that involves Rex and Ahsoka. I think this should be in the film as the way we see Rex being reunited with Ahsoka in Star Wars Rebels and they’re looks like something more than friendship in my opinion. Also the scene where the Ghost crew come back from the Sith Temple to the rebel base in a later episode without Ahsoka believing her dead, the way Rex looked then and there seemed like a man who lost the woman he loved.

We as the audience could find out that after Ahsoka turned 20 or so years old a few years after Revenge of the Sith but way before Star Wars Rebels, Rex and her found each other once more and they fell in love.

The film could highlight the hardship of love between a clone trooper and a female Jedi years after the Clone Wars ended. This could be a live action similar adaption of the romance between a female Jedi and a Clone Trooper in the Republic Commando books by Karen Travis.

The film would show mainly Rex and Ahsoka throughout various stages of their lives similarly to the various stages of life we see Forest and Jenny go through in the Forest Gump movies where they grew up together, left one another then reunited in various stages of Forest’s life.

It shows a comrade relationship in the first stage, to a friendship in the second stage to a romantic relationship in the third stage.

I think all these things I mentioned above would be interesting and very unique for a Star Wars film if done right and made with love for fans.......without Kathleen Kennedy sticking her witch hands into the movie and making it into her own political agenda like she did with Force Awakens and The Last Jedi along with other Star Wars new canon properties which killed much of Star Wars that we long times Star Wars fans grew up with.

The film could end where Rex talks about how he missed Anakin and wish he knew how he beloved Jedi commander died? Luke could be standing there thinking to himself whether or not to tell Rex the truth that Anakin was really Darth Vader this whole time.

Luke would see his dying mentor and friend then think what would be the best thing to tell Rex?  Like if Rex knew the truth that Anakin was Darth Vader Rex might leave the world hurt and confused by the revelation so Luke just lets Rex have his lie that Anakin was a good man all the way through never finding out Anakin became Darth Vader as Rex peacefully passes away ignorant to the truth.

We then could see Luke giving the eulogy to a crowd of people who were Rex’s comrades, family and friends throughout Rex’s life as they mourned the old clone trooper at his funeral. We could then see Luke being greeted by Ahsoka who tells Luke who she is and her time with Rex.

Then the film ends and this film should be directed by Dave Filoni, the creator of Star Wars the Clone Wars and should be the future president of Lucasfilm instead of Kathleen Kennedy.
My idea for a Captain Rex stand-alone movie
I love Star Wars and one of my favourite Star Wars characters of all time is Captain Rex the badass clone trooper from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. With Disney wanting to do Star Wars stand-alone movies why do a Captain Rex movie.

Here are my ideas for what a perfect Captain Rex movie could be or should be like. These are my thoughts and opinions.

Feel free to comment below to tell me what you think of my ideas for a Captain Rex stand-alone film? I am interested to know your thoughts.
It is Hard Being a Father

One of the most difficult jobs is being a father as it is a 24/7 job that probably pays very little.

When Bart runs away to join the circus and worries the rest of the family, Homer goes to the local bar to talk to some other fathers for advice on how they deal with their sons.

These other fathers Homer talks to are Darth Vader and Magneto.

The leadership at Lucasfilm

So since about 2012 or 2014, Star Wars had been sold to Disney by George Lucas who longer has any control of the property and now control of all things Star Wars now belongs to Kathleen Kennedy who over the years of running Star Wars had started killing the galaxy far far away that we loved to no end.

Kathleen introduced sexism into Star Wars where none existed before but not traditional sexism in the way you might think.

Kathleen Kennedy introduced sexism towards us men by making bold statements proclaiming the force is female. When in reality the force is neither female nor male and is above such mortal labels as it is genderless as it is the force that’s it.

Yet this horrid woman had to claim the force is female which to me is not feminism but female domination and an attack on us males. I think by her making such claims as this she has alienated the very people who made Star Wars the popular brand it is today by us males who even now still make up the majority of the Star Wars fanbase demographic.

Kathleen Kennedy basically gave the middle finger to most of her customers by making this claim and injecting her political agenda into a movie franchise which is supposed to be about escapism not a portal back into reality of current political turmoil.

I am not against woman empowerment in Star Wars but the way Kathleen Kennedy does it by constantly shoe horning females as the leads of all things Star Wars like the new episodic trilogy with Rey as the lead, Jyn Eros as the lead in Rogue One and Iden Versio as the lead in the Star Wars videogame; Star Wars Battlefront 2...... can smell political agenda a mile away and no one is smart enough to realize but a few Star Wars fans and myself.

Believe me Star Wars already had female empowerment in the franchise well before Kathy the heartless got her hands on it like with female characters in Star Wars such as Princess Leia, Padme, Mon Mothma, Bastilla Shan, Handmaidan,Darth Traya,Asoka Tano,Asija Ventress, Aliya Secura, and check the now Star Wars legends brand for further names of empowered female characters that are so numerous I can barely name them all off the top of my head.

Kathleen Kennedy also introduced true racism into Star Wars and Jar Jar Binks doesn’t count as he was just an annoying CGI alien that talked like a child who happened to be played by a black person and if a white person did the same role under George Lucas’ direction would been the same character regardless which was supposed to be a Star Wars version of Goofy not an attack on the African American community.

When I mean by racism in Star Wars, I mean Finn one of the main lead characters who happened to be black as in an actual black person and constantly out of all the characters in Kathleen’s new shitty Star Wars episodic trilogy has constant bad things happen to him to no end.

You can read my further thoughts here of the racism in Star Wars, look at the summary under my picture:


Basically the way Kathleen treated Finn in the new Star Wars movies after all the news story on horrible events like the shootings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and other young innocent black men in America these past few years mean nothing to her as she continues to allow film makers to beat the crap out of this one particular character around on screen for two hours not once really empowering Finn as a character unlike what George Lucas did to empower both Mace Windu and Lando.

In a time like this with all the misfortune African Americans had been dealt as a community I think a character like Finn should’ve been more Mace Windu and less idiot who fumbles while walking.

This just shows that Kathleen Kennedy only cares about women’s rights and not once caring for racial rights as in her mind as long as a white woman has power and in control all other people mean diddling swat to her.

The world or in this case the galaxy far far away doesn’t revolve around women there are men, and people of all other varied genders and of all different races along with cultures who all have a story just as essential if not more essential then just her female leads that they could bring more dimension and believability to the Star Wars franchise.

You can’t exactly do a father vs son type story if you have just female leads in all your new Star Wars films so basically Kathleen Kennedy with her sexist ways could never tell the story of Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader which was basically the premise of the original Star Wars trilogy that made the franchise and in years to come would be what gave Kathleen all the money she is currently sitting on right now.

Don’t wreck up what was already perfect to begin with but instead you should add to it not remove it. I say Kathleen should’ve added female empowerment and left it at that and not have removed male empowerment along the way like she so obviously did.

Why couldn’t there be both strong men and strong women on screen in the new Star Wars just like in the old Star Wars films that George Lucas had done?

Here is an earlier blog of what I think of Kathy’s work:


Also from what I hear the toy sales of Star Wars toys aren’t really doing that good in stores currently under Kathy’s rule of Star Wars right now.

Watch this video on YouTube I found to explain further:

To sum it up no one gives a BANTHA’S ass about new characters like Rose from Star Wars: The Last Jedi toy sales are suffering thanks to Kathy’s SJW vision of Star Wars.

Kids still prefer to buy Star Wars characters like Yoda, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker as in the young one we all know and love, along with even preferring to also buy anything related to the prequels like Anakin, Asoka, Captain Rex and just about anything George Lucas created in his time with Star Wars that Kathy didn’t create herself or claimed to have created herself by just putting her name on it.

So right now as we speak there is an 11 year old boy somewhere in the world who is preferring to buy a Jar Jar Binks action figure using his mom’s credit he stole out of her purse as Jar Jar Binks is a way cooler character and interesting character than Rose, Finn, Vice Admiral Holdo or even Rey according to Star Wars toys statistics.

So with Star Wars toy sales suffering the main life blood of Star Wars that funded the Lucasfilm empire that George Lucas used to get his company up and running is dying now thanks to Kathy and her stupid SJW agenda.

So thanks to Kathy all those people at her company right now looking to her for leadership might have to eat shit soon as they might not have the money to pay for actual food thanks to her agenda in Star Wars.

Here are some more videos of other Star Wars fan like me who throughout the Star Wars under Kathleen Kennedy suck ass:

Heck even Mark Hamil hates the new Star Wars here is a YouTube video I found of his hatred for it:

Seriously if Luke Skywalker himself hates it know Kathy has screwed up big time.

I think we Star Wars fans who hate this new direction Star Wars is taking right now under Darth Kennedy’s rule, we like the Rebels of the original Star Wars films should ban together and combined our various skills to find a legal means to get Kathleen Kennedy fired and away from control over Star Wars.

We need to get Star Wars back to a point that it gave us the Original trilogy and the Clone Wars TV series.

Star Wars fans we are numerous, we are wide spread and we come from different walks of life and we all have different sets of skills like the Rebels. So I say we ban together and the Star Wars fans who are good at digging up dirt on people like investigative journalist types, you guys should find out anything bad about Kathleen like something really bad on the level of Harvey Weinstein bad.

Harvey Weinstein for those of you who don’t know is a well know Hollywood producer that recently got into a lot trouble after a bunch of Hollywood actresses came out with allegations against him for sexual abuse. Long story short these allegations ruined him and he will never work in Hollywood again.

Then actor Kevin Spacey was found out to be a sexual predator also which ruined his career.

What we Star Wars fans need to do is to dig up an actual factual evidence that are very very incriminating against Kathleen Kennedy like any unpaid parking tickets she may never got around to paying, or she J-walks, or she did some things that made people in the office uncomfortable and most are too scared to come forward about it....anything like these things I listed that those of us fans who have the skill are able to unearth might be the key to getting Kathleen Kennedy fired and Star Wars back to what we fans once love.

All this evidence I have to stress to you guys wanting to dig up dirt on her to present to Disney to get her fired must be actual evidence that has some footing in truth along with reality and not just made up lies some very disgruntled Star Wars fan who just decided to make up an allegation that is completely outlandish like Kathleen Kennedy molested them or something? We need real damming evidence that exposes Kathleen’s corruption that is so bad that not even her well connected higher up friends who have her back wouldn’t even want to be affiliated with her anymore as it might ruin their careers in Hollywood?

We need to find something legal, real and something involving a bunch of real witnesses to her actions of corruption that could be on the level of Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey type bad.


Only then through due processing if any real bad things exist do in fact exist about Kathleen Kennedy that is on the more sketchy and illegal side......we Star Wars fans might take down this Sith Lord and return Star Wars to the Old Republic it was and maybe even put into power someone who cares about Star Wars like Dave Filoni; George Lucas’ apprentice and the one who can make Star Wars great once more who understands Star Wars.
The leadership at Lucasfilm

Since George Lucas sold Star Wars.....things have gotten very divided in Star Wars as Lucasfilm’s current leadership; Kathleen Kennedy decided to put politics into Star Wars and not even a small amount but too much to the point that she wanted all the leads in future Star Wars movies to be all female and none male.

This really grinds my gears as Kathleen got rid of equality in Star Wars by wanting to empower women in a way that is more shoehorning, female domination, uncreative, and alienating to her core demographic who are us male fans.

Here are my views on the current state of Lucasfilm and why this woman should be removed from leadership of Star Wars before the movie franchise we know and love dies for good.

A rant on today’s world

The world of today, the year is 2017 and the people these days  are crazy. I hear from certain feminist groups these days claim that all men are inherently bad and evil. That all men care about is raping women?  

This angers me as I am a man and I think I speak for all men and the male gender when I say that no we men aren’t all inherently bad and we aren’t all rapists with only the exception of few horrible men that we as the male gender don’t consider these few exceptions to be true men but chicken shit cowards who try to get sex in a most dishonourable and disgusting way that gives us males all a bad name.

For modern feminists to say all men are inherently bad is a truly disgusting statement to me as a male, I don’t know do feminists know this or not, but 75% of people on the autistic spectrum are male.

Autistic spectrum people are probably one of the most innocent and harmless groups of Humans in the world and for feminists to say all men are inherently bad is disgusting as what I hear coming from their mouths is that these women and girls are saying most autistic people in the world are bad? 

How can these women and girls make such a disgusting claim about us males like this without getting to know us first then seeing for themselves that all of us men aren’t a threat or danger to them, that like them we are Human too and that there are good and bad people of both genders like any groups in life.

I also can’t stand how society is giving far too many rights to women and not enough to men in this modern era of ours which is almost a reverse flip of how men had all the rights in the 1940s to early 1960s and women had little to none......why can’t we have a society where men and women have the same amount of rights where neither gender had more and neither gender had less?

I believe that we as a society should pay women the exact same wages in jobs as we pay men in the same jobs but I also believe we should treat men with as much support and understanding if they come out and say they are victims of domestic abuse which happens as much as women of domestic abuse but most men in today’s world are too scared to admit it for fear of being called weak.

I believe that women shouldn’t have the right to accuse every man they encounter and don’t like as a sex offender unless they have substantial accurate evidence and the right amount of legal means to legally persecute the man in just and fair trail that is holds both parties as equals.

I also believe that men shouldn’t have the right to treat women as slaves or be able to buy or sell women like they’re are just simple objects with no feelings or a mind of their own.

I believe neither man nor woman should have any power over one another and the two genders and whatever else genders all live as equals where everyone gets an equal say not more not less.

I also believe that we should treat LGBT people fairly and not do anything mean to them for who they are like barring them from joining the military service or denying them the ability to finalize their love in marriage.

I also believe that the LGBT along with other minority groups of today shouldn’t define who they are based on their sexuality, gender, race or skin colour as that is only one aspect of their general person. Like how if a person likes vanilla ice cream and most everyone else likes chocolate we should not define that person who likes vanilla ice cream as the person who likes vanilla ice cream as that is only one aspect of their person like their other aspects like they play hockey, like drinking beer, like to knit, race cars and etc.

Ian McKellen is gay but do we define him based on his sexuality as being a openly gay man or do we define him as being a legendary Shakespearean actor that gives so much life to so beloved many characters in so many movies we saw him in over the years like Magneto of the X-Men movies, or Gandalf of The Lord of the Rings? 

I believe that we as society define Ian Mckellen as a legendary Shakespearean actor who gives life to the many beloved characters he had played over the years that we as an audience enjoyed.

It doesn’t matter if you are heterosexual, homosexual, male, female, in between genders, Black, white, Asian or whatever else......these things are only one aspect of your whole person but it doesn’t define who you are, you are many layers of a whole person don’t let one layer define what your entire life is but also learn to look outside you and your community every once in awhile to see that you aren’t the only person with problems out there but count your blessings on what you do have that others envy about you.

Like Thomas might have trouble coming out of the closet about being gay to his parents but at least he lives in 2017 when most people with the exception of a few groups out there in the world are generally tolerant toward the LGBT. 

Meanwhile also in Thomas’ family, the young man has a younger brother name Devon with a mild form of autism called Aspergers Syndrome which makes communicating with others including Thomas or his parents nearly impossible.

Friendship is practically impossible to acquire for Devon than it is for his older brother Thomas who unlike Devon has many many friends and the community practically loves him even after Thomas came out of the closet about being gay while Devon even though the community knew he had Aspergers still doesn’t understand Devon.

Community would shun Devon and expect him to be more like Thomas who like both his parents were neural typicals or non autistics. 

How could 2017 be a politically correct time which meant things were supposed to be more equal and fair for all groups of people yet when it came to an autistic minority like Devon people in 2017 want to not let Devon be mildly autistic and expect the struggling young man to non autistic all together?

Why in 2017 do we as a collective society know that straight camps are bad, that it is morally wrong and even unhealthy to even try to convert gay people to heterosexual yet we continue try to turn mildly autistic people like Devon to be neural typical or non autistic when the attempts would end very much the same way as trying to turn Thomas from gay to heterosexual?  

We are able or near able to accept homosexuality in 2017 yet we continue to ignore and try to fix mild autism instead of seeing the benefits and uniqueness of the people born with it.

We yell at people for saying and doing homophobic things toward the LGBT community yet we still yell at people with Aspergers for having Aspergers and struggling with a lack of social understanding which many Aspies aren’t born with?
That aren’t natural to us?

What people with Aspergers do isn’t illegal or immoral not being able to socialize properly or even gracefully like non autistic people but just what is second nature to us but society can’t seem to see the repeat of history here of how they want us to not be ourselves like how they decades ago they wanted the gays not to be gay at straight camps or Native Americans not be Native Americans at residential schools throughout Canada?

SJWs and Politically Correct people think they are giving a voice to minorities by monitoring what they deem as okay and what isn’t okay speech to use that doesn’t offend anyone one yet they by doing this have severely limited the speech and words for people on the autistic spectrum to the point of practically taking away our voice as we are now confused and even scared of taking as we might get killed for unintentionally saying the wrong thing which we have always had trouble with even before it became a trend for people to get offend in the time that is 2017.

2017 is the worst time to be born with or have Aspergers Syndrome as my people and I are now more than ever under the iron fist of fascism taking away our ability talk as we might offend someone? 

I have news for these SJW and P.C. Assholes........offending people is apart of having Aspergers and autistic spectrum disorder in generally as we are born unable to understand the world in what is and isn’t offensive speech as we know words but not which ones are good or which ones are bad?

Having Aspergers and living in a tightly SJW controlled world is like living in a Nazis interment camp where your every action and words are being watched that when you screw are done.

SJWs claim they protect minorities? Yet these people don’t protect me or others like me who have autistic spectrum disorder.

Heck there was even an incident in Australia where an autistic man came onto to a public bus and asked a random group of women to high five him. The women declined and one woman who was a feminist got so angry at this poor autistic man that she took out her phone and recorded the autistic man and on her social media post claimed the autistic man was a sex offender when in reality he wasn’t at all.

Here is a link to the article:

I read this article and was totally disgusted how these SJWs who claim they are the saviours of Humanity  did this truly despicable act against such an innocent sweet man who meant no harm or ill will to anyone or anything and merely wanted to high five.

Now his whole life is ruined thanks to the selfish and evil acts of an SJW who wouldn’t think for 2 seconds that some people they label as villains might in fact be innocent victims themselves.

This didn’t end there as there was this other story of how this Google engineer a little while back was fired from his job at Google after he wrote this essay of how to improve the engineering work place to help women function better there.

The man was fired as some SJW or P.C. people in H.R. saw his essay and said the man was anti diversity when in reality what he did wasn’t anti diversity and had good intentions to help female workers in the workplace but these SJWs overreacted and fired this good man who is also autistic spectrum too.

Here is the article:

SJWs make me sick these bastards after these two incidents against my people, I see are nothing more than a bunch of bullies against autistic spectrum kind and not the heroes of political correctness they claimed to be.


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